Serverless Ninja: Serverless = Efficiency

This article aims to explain how organizations and individuals can benefit from the efficiency that serverless architectures offer. It contains the top 4 cost centers where serverless can help in eliminating cost.

Elimination of Server Management Cost

Serverless architectures do not require developers neither organizations to manage underlying infrastructure. On the other hand, AWS handles the server management activities on our behalf so that we can focus on writing our application's features and capabilities.

Since serverless-based systems do not require organizations to manage servers. Organizations achieve cost-efficiency in spending money involved in the following activities:

  • Managing Cluster Scalability
  • Implementing Risk Mitigation
  • Implementing Disaster Recovery Strategy
  • Patching Security Vulnerabilities
  • Installing Operating System Updates
  • Hiring Server Management Staff

Reduced Security Risk & Cost

One cool side-effect of letting AWS manage the underlying infrastructure is the reduction in terms of security risk and cost associated with it. If we think about it, AWS hires top of the line security and infrastructure engineers. Utilizing serverless architectures is almost similar to asking these world class professionals to manage our infrastructure which ultimately results to cost and risk reduction in the security department.

Reduction in Compute Bills

Since AWS Lambda's billing mode require us to pay for actual execution usage time, we can save a significant amount of money by eliminating cost generated by:

  • Idle Compute Time (Payment made for time where servers' aren't processing invocations.)
  • Compute Time for Failover Servers (Payment for server redundancy and disaster recovery)

Reduction in Development Cost and Time

Since Lambda-based APIs allow us to focus on building our application. We can save the budget that we use to spend on:

  • Activities related to provisioning servers
  • Testing cluster scalability & resiliency
  • Designing and implementing disaster recovery systems

Since we can now delegate these activities to AWS, we can safely say that we are also reducing the time to deliver production software.

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If you are interested to learn more about serverless architectures, you can visit my github repository and read more about topics that I haven't published in this blog yet. You can also find interesting sample code and projects that can help you get started with serverless architectures.

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