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Microservices: Picking the .NET Framework for your containerized applications.

The objective of this blog post is to explain the factors that should be considered when picking a framework for a .net application that you intend to deploy in containerized fashion. .Net Core Generally, .Net Core is the preferred option when building applications that were intended to be deployed in containers due to the fact that .Net Core is built using modular architecture (.net core app images contains only the dependencies it requires to run). .NET Core apps are packaged using Windows Nano Server which is a far smaller compared to the OS required by the standard .NET runtime (Windows Server Core) therefore producing lighter images (end product of building containerized application). On the image above, you will see an image built for .Net Core app that prompts "Hello World". Please take note of the size of the image (251 MB) as it would be critical to demonstrating the difference of the two frameworks. Download Demo Apps from GITHUB