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Tree Shaking Part 1: Building Lightweight Applications using Core, NPM, Webpack and TypeScript

The goal of this article is to demonstrate how to setup an environment that can be used in building lightweight web pages using VS2017, Core, NPM, Webpack and TypeScript. Context The acceleration rate of the web-development scene has been astonishing in the recent years. Tons of JavaScript frameworks had been introduced to help developers quickly bootstrap projects without the need to re-write commonly performed task like managing the DOM, sending data to server side and etc. The convenience and accessibility of these JavaScript frameworks lures clueless developers to relentlessly plug tons of frameworks to perform very minor UI related coding which leads to: Bloated JavaScript Files High HTTP Request Count High percentage of dead-code (unused-code) And ultimately, extremely slow page load times. Detecting and Measuring Dead-Code. In computer programming, dead-code refers to source co