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HTTP 2 Server Push

A year ago, I posted an article explaining the general concept of HTTP 2.0. Today we can finally use it for building websites as it is now supported by major browsers. This article will focus on HTTP 2.0 - Server Push , from what it is, the problems it solves, how to implement it (using, how to verify that it works and its impact on your website's performance. Download the POC from GITHUB Abstract In order to explain what HTTP 2.0 server push does, we have to understand the problems associated with its predecessor (HTTP 1.1). We will analyze the intricacies associated with loading assets from an HTTP server and how it affects the performance of websites. In order for a browser to load a website, it needs to send an HTTP request to retrieve the initial HTML file and once the server sends it back, the browser analyzes the HTML and identifies the other resources (CSS, JS, Images) required to rende