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How to Reduce Cost of SAM Artifact Storage using S3 & CloudFormation

One subtle thing that you do when working AWS SAM is that you upload the Lambda deployment packages (artifacts) to a staging bucket where Lambda service retrieve these packages. After the artifacts were retrieved by AWS Lambda from s3, those packages often stay in the staging bucket and may build up over time especially for large projects with tons of Lambda functions. This often lead to a slow and steady increase in S3 bills over time. In this article, we will explored what are the common ways on to reduce the cost generated by SAM deployment artifacts over time. Option 1: Add a 1-day Expiry Rule for Dev Environment Artifacts Deployment artifacts for development environments are basically non-valuable to an organization, it doesn't allow developers to extract useful debugging information out of them except from cases where you really need to inspect the packages. To help your organization reduce cost, you can configure your development artifact storage for S3 bucke

Serverless Ninja: Reporting Errors via ChatOps using AWS Lambda & NodeJS

This article explains how to inject an error reporting module using ChatOps and how it helps organizations react faster to issues arising from applications that were running inside AWS Lambda Functions. In this demo, I will be using NodeJS and will utilise Slack to deliver alarms to important stakeholders: Application Developers Software Managers Software Testers Security Response Team Whoever needs to be awake when something is broken Benefits Before we start coding, I think that its necessary to understand the good things that ChatOps bring to the table so that we can explain to our software development teams the importance of the effort we are putting in building this alarm mechanisms. Early Detection of Software Issues Hey, catching bugs in development environment is the best thing a developer could be aiming for when making mistakes in the code. This allows you to peacefully google the application error and find the right way to fix it. Rapid Respo

Serverless Ninja: Serverless = Efficiency

This article aims to explain how organizations and individuals can benefit from the efficiency that serverless architectures offer. It contains the top 4 cost centers where serverless can help in eliminating cost. Elimination of Server Management Cost Serverless architectures do not require developers neither organizations to manage underlying infrastructure. On the other hand, AWS handles the server management activities on our behalf so that we can focus on writing our application's features and capabilities. Since serverless-based systems do not require organizations to manage servers. Organizations achieve cost-efficiency in spending money involved in the following activities: Managing Cluster Scalability Implementing Risk Mitigation Implementing Disaster Recovery Strategy Patching Security Vulnerabilities Installing Operating System Updates Hiring Server Management Staff Reduced Security Risk & Cost One cool side-effect of letting